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Chúng tôi có thể đóng vai trò là người liên hệ duy nhất cho tất cả nguồn cung cấp của bạn bằng cách hợp nhất và vận chuyển tất cả hàng hóa dưới dạng lô hàng duy nhất, nhờ đó người mua có thể tiết kiệm thời gian, chi phí vận chuyển và thời gian vận chuyển.

Scope of Supply
1) All types of Pignomics and PU Elastomers
2) All Industrial LAB Process Instruments, Lab Equipment’s, and Lab Chemicals
3) Conveyor Belts, Steel Card Belts, Idler/Return Rollers, Pulleys and Sprockets
4) Bucket and Bucket Elevator Belt/Chain and accessories
5) High Chrome Grinding Media Balls and Cylpebs from India and China
6) Filter Bags / Aeration Cloth /Airslide Fabric / FELT (FROM ITALY OR ANY INDIAN MAKE)
7) All types of Gear Boxes (Helical / Worm), Bearings and Bearing Housing
8) All types of Induction and Geared Motors, Pumps, Slipring, Carbon Brush etc.,
9) All Heavy Vehicles, Trucks and Tractors spares
10) Front Loader, JCB and all model Excavators spares including Aftermarket spares
11) Weigh Feeder and Accessories
12) All types of Blowers, solenoid valves, Pneumatic Cylinders, Sprockets, U LINKs etc.,
13) Plumbing Materials including STEEL PIPES, PLATES, CHANNELS etc.,
14) All types/make of Electrical items / fittings, DG SETS AND BATTERIES
15) All types of COMPRESSORS
17) Weigh Bridge and accessories,
18) Atlas Copco / Cummins Engine spares
19) Safety Gear – Shoes/Uniform/Helmet/Gloves etc.,
20) Fire Bricks and Ceramic Tiles for Klin
21) Crusher and Feeder spares
22) Metallic Non-Metallic Flexible Expansion Joints / Lamella Seals and Plates
23) CEMENT BAGs (based on availability of Sample Bags)
24) All types of BEARINGS and COUPLINGS
25) Fabrication work based on Drawing any other products you may require.
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